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The first cooking lesson I received from my grandmother, and then from my mother, is that the secret to a successful meal lies in the choice of ingredients.
It is on this advice that Moabi Gourmet was born. Our mission is to offer you natural African condiments, prepared with care. We provide you with products made with ingredients grown in Quebec, rigorously selected for the pleasure of adventurous taste buds. Moabi Gourmet condiment bring the African sun to your plate. Our products are, like myself, from an immigrant background. This journey from the native land to a new homeland has perfumed it with discoveries, enriching our culinary culture with this "je ne sais quoi" that I invite you to discover.

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    About Moabi Gourmet

    Moabi Gourmet is an artisanal company that offers exotic condiments. We believe in the simplicity of the ingredients that nature has to offer.
    We are committed to offering you refined condiments. Our tasteful products are ready to be used; not only to simplify the preparation of your meals; but also, add a touch of exoticism to your dishes.
    Our food is 100% natural, made from Quebec terroir produce. They are carefully selected and prepared in an artisanal way. With each Moabi Gourmet condiment, we bring the sun to your plate!



    The simplicity of our recipes. They are made with ingredients that you actually know and can count at your fingertips.


    In the way we prepare our product and in human relationships.


    We are open-minded and foster creativity


    Quality is our priority


    We respect our commitments


    Together with your family or friends, treat yourself to our delicious natural and authentic condiments, made with fine exotic ingredients, most of which come from the Quebec region. Here is what our customers are saying.

    Do you want to brighten up your plate with our delicious condiments?

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